Ministry of High Tech Industry
Of the Republic of Armenia

Ministry of High Tech Industry 
Of the Republic of Armenia

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Setting the Armenian High Tech Policy Agenda & supporting local innovation

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About the Ministry

The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the RA was reorganized on May 8, 2019.

On June 1, 2019 the Charter of the Ministry was approved, and the Ministry was renamed the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia.

The Ministry develops and implements the policy of the Government of the Republic of Armenia in the following areas:

  • High technology
  • Information technology
  • Information Security
  • Digitalization
  • Post
  • Communication
  • International cooperation
  • Licensing
  • Space
  • Military industry

The purpose, tasks, functions, main and supporting professional units, management and leadership of the Ministry are determined by the Charter.

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