The Ministry Of High Tech Industry Of The Republic Of Armenia
The Ministry Of High Tech Industry
Of The Republic Of Armenia

Platform “Work in the EAEU” is already available for Armenia

The Eurasian Development Bank’s Fund for Digital Initiatives has launched the Armenian segment of the “Work in the EAEU” mobile app, which, in addition to citizens of the Republic of Armenia, can also be used by residents of the EAEU countries.

In the mobile app, you can find more than 60 public and commercial services that facilitate the process of legal employment of a labor migrant in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia.

Using the app, it is possible to obtain information about the services provided by both government agencies and commercial organizations or individuals (renting an apartment, transferring money, insurance, etc.).

Currently, among the EAEU countries, only Armenia and Russia have launched the national segment of the mobile app, so the citizens of the Republic of Armenia can only look for work in Russia and use the services provided through the app.

To find a job in the EAEU countries through a mobile app, it is not necessary to have citizenship of one of the Union countries.

The app is available for users of IOS and Android operating systems. It must be downloaded through the App Store or Play Market, indicating in the corresponding line “Work in the EAEU”.

A telephone number and a passport are required to register and use all services, but general information is available without registration.

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