The Ministry Of High Tech Industry Of The Republic Of Armenia
The Ministry Of High Tech Industry
Of The Republic Of Armenia

Minister Robert Khachatryan took part in the Annual Conference “World Internet of Things Convention” (2022 WIOTC)

On February 10, Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA Robert Khachatryan took part in the “World Internet of Things Convention” (WIOTC Annual Conference) in Beijing through a video message.

The Minister delivered an opening speech in which he specifically noted:

“The Conference is an important platform for discussing various topics related to the sustainable development of the Internet of Things and the digital economy, as well as the innovative progress of the global economy and society.

It is clear that digitalization and the Internet of Things have brought significant changes in various areas providing better services, greater safety and smarter public infrastructures. Over the last years the pandemic showed that having digital economies and societies plays a crucial role during the period of uncertainties. The Government of Armenia strongly emphasizes the continuous development of high technologies. For this purpose, the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia was established and granted with specific functions to promote the sectoral development and make Armenia an industrialized high-tech country.

I am convinced that only through cooperation and dialogue in the framework of international organizations we can overcome the challenges we face, which will be greatly facilitated by the exchange of best practices between different countries”.

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