The Ministry Of High Tech Industry Of The Republic Of Armenia
The Ministry Of High Tech Industry
Of The Republic Of Armenia

Possibilities of bilateral Armenian-Japanese cooperation in the field of information technologies discussed

On July 11, RA First Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry Gevorg Mantashyan received a delegation from the city of Izumo, Japan, which included representatives of the municipality of Izumo city, “Monstarlab”, “Monstarlab Omnibus”, “People Cloud Inc.”, “Skylight Consulting Inc”.

Welcoming the delegation’s visit to the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, Gevorg Mantashyan noted that he highly appreciates the development of the Armenian-Japanese friendly relations, expressing confidence in the existence of favorable conditions for cooperation, especially in the field of information technology and digitalization.

Mayor of Izumo city Toshiyuki Litsuka also joined the meeting via video call. He thanked for the reception of the Izumo delegation and noted that they are interested in the possibility of bilateral cooperation in the IT field.

The guests presented the programs implemented by their companies, noted that they are ready to cooperate with Armenian specialists and startup companies to implement experience exchange programs, which can create a bridge to enhance cooperation between the two countries.

The representatives of the Japanese delegation were interested in the spheres of the IT industry, digitalization, technological education in Armenia, as well as the specifics of the human resources potential of the IT sector in the regions of Armenia and development policy.

Gevorg Mantashyan presented to the guests the current state of the high-tech sector, the existing potential, development trends and work carried out in the direction of digitalization.

During the meeting, the possibilities of deepening the Armenian-Japanese cooperation in the field of high technologies and the implementation of joint projects were noted.

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