The Ministry Of High Tech Industry Of The Republic Of Armenia
The Ministry Of High Tech Industry
Of The Republic Of Armenia

10 Armenian technology startups are participating in “VivaTech-2023”

On June 14, the 7th annual “VivaTech-2023” international exhibition, one of the largest technological events in Europe, kicked off in Paris.

Taking into account the prestigious position of the exhibition in the region and on international platforms, as well as the successes achieved by Armenian companies during “VivaTech-2022”, the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia has given the opportunity to the sectoral companies and associations to participate in the exhibition and to present their innovative solutions and products under the unified pavilion “ARMENIA”.

Armenian technology companies will demonstrate the industry’s potential and achievements in healthcare, education, voice technology, music visualization, engineering, software and hardware, online shopping and payments, electronics, artificial intelligence and more. This year, VRDrobe, Dowork Tech, AT LCC, Doodooc, FBF, Bliink, YEA Engineering, Text’nPayMe companies and the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) with the “Armath” program take part in the exhibition.

The event also provides a good opportunity to get acquainted with the activities and products of participants from other countries and to create prerequisites for interaction with them.

In order to promote mutually beneficial cooperation in the public-private sector format, the RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry will hold a forum on June 16 at the joint Armenian pavilion with the participation of both Armenian and international participating companies, as well as representatives of technology companies of the Armenian diaspora.

“VivaTech-2023” international exhibition will last from June 14-17.


During the “VivaTech-2022” international exhibition held in Paris on June 15-18, 2022, Armenian companies reached a number of prospective agreements, signed 6 contracts and recorded an increase in the sale of services provided. Having a double representation, the Armenian pavilion had success on its digital platform as well. In particular, one of the Armenian participating companies took the 1st place in the “Startup” category, the “ARMENIA” digital pavilion took the 3rd place in the “Public Sector” top 5 and the 9th place in the best 15 “Corporate SMP and Public Sector” startups, and the “From Idea to Business” grant program of the RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry was recognized as the 5th best initiative on the digital platform of “VivaTech-2022”.

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