The Ministry Of High Tech Industry Of The Republic Of Armenia
The Ministry Of High Tech Industry
Of The Republic Of Armenia

The RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry has granted a license for space activities to the “Bazoomq” Space Research Laboratory

On September 7, Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA Robert Khachatryan handed over a license to carry out space activities to the “Bazoomq” Space Research Laboratory Foundation.

Minister Robert Khachatryan congratulated the staff of the “Bazoomq” Space Research Laboratory on receiving a license, emphasized that the government of Armenia gives importance to the development of space activities in Armenia.

“This is a significant event for us, as you are the first private company to receive a license for space activities. The work you have done is already visible, and we hope that after receiving the license, your activities will expand even more, you will carry out bigger and more extensive work. Let this be the basis of our cooperation, so that all the planned plans and intentions are implemented,” Robert Khachatryan said in his speech, adding that the Ministry is ready to help and support the activity of the laboratory.

Avet Poghosyan, Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA, highlighting the work of “Bazoomq”, emphasized that space technologies are developing rapidly all over the world today, and Armenia cannot stay away of this process.

Avetik Grigoryan, Director of “Bazoomq” Space Research Laboratory Foundation, thanked the Ministry and noted: “We see the active support of the government, the prospective approach, therefore we are excited and will continue to carry out our work and mission in that spirit. I am sure that the promotion of space activities will be an effective locomotive for the development of all scientific and technological fields in our country.”

Then Minister Robert Khachatryan toured the “Bazoomq” Space Research Laboratory equipped with the latest equipment, got acquainted with the working conditions.

Note that the “Bazoomq” Space Research Laboratory Foundation has initiated the process of developing, creating, programming, and organizing a test launch of a CubeSat nano-satellite called “Hayasat-1”. Testing of the satellite will be completed at the end of September and in November it will be sent into space by the Falcon-9 rocket of SpaceX company.

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