The Ministry Of High Tech Industry Of The Republic Of Armenia
The Ministry Of High Tech Industry
Of The Republic Of Armenia

Minister Mkhitar Hayrapetyan visited the FAST foundation

On February 21, the Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA Mkhitar Hayrapetyan visited the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST).

Deputy Minister Ruben Simonyan also participated in the meeting.

Representatives of FAST introduced the programs implemented by the foundation in cooperation with international and state institutions and the opportunities they offer.

During the meeting, the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and the programs implemented to promote AI education in Armenia were also discussed. In particular, they talked about the implementation of the "Generation of Artificial Intelligence" project, within the framework of which a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministry of High-Tech Industry and FAST, with the aim of ensuring the development and implementation of educational programs in the direction of AI, the connection between companies in the field and the education system, the formation of competitive and innovative generation.

Mkhitar Hayrapetyan emphasized the importance of AI especially in this century: it brings a new way of thinking, and AI tools create real opportunities to change the world, not just in technology, but in all fields. Armenia can not only be just a participant in these processes but also be a leader in the field, gaining serious positions in the world.

Minister noted that state and private structures, foundations and individuals, complementing each other, uniting efforts and working together, can create a wide range of cooperation and, as a result, achieve serious success.

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