License for weapons production

What is the license for weapons production?

The license for weapons production is an official permission confirming the right to engage in weapons production (research, development, testing, preparation, artistic decoration, repair of weapons, as well as the preparation of ammunition, bullets and their component parts) as well as an official document confirming that right.

Who can apply?

The legal entities that are going to engage in weapons production can apply.

How to apply?

In the Republic of Armenia, the licensing for the production of combat weapons is carried out the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia.

The necessary documents can be submitted to the licensing authority according to the established procedure of the RA Government Decision No 1283-N adopted on 24 September, 2010, manually, by post or through the electronic system.

What is the next step for the application?

The licensing authority issues the license within 23 working days after the applicant submits the documents in accordance with the procedure or in the presence of the prescribed grounds provided for in the Article 29 of the Law “On Licensing”, rejects the issuance of the license.

Կարևոր է իմանալ

  • Issuing the license within 23 working days after submitting the documents.

  • Licensees engaged in the production of weapons are obliged to carry out the given activity subject to licensing only in the place specified in the license.

  • A state fee is charged for issuing a license, in the manner and amount prescribed by the Law “On State Fee” of the Republic of Armenia.