“Internship in practice” pilot project

The purpose of the pilot project “Internship in practice” is to enable high-tech companies to recruit additional staff, and novice specialists with prior knowledge and skills in the field of high technology to undertake an internship in leading high-tech companies.

The pilot project “Internship in practice” was launched in 2021.
Interns get the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice, get involved and work in companies, acquiring professional knowledge and industry-specific skills.

The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the RA provides the company with a monthly amount based on the calculation of the minimum wage of the Republic of Armenia (including taxes) for each intern.

At the end of the internship, the companies guarantee the provision of at least 50% of the interns participating in the project with an employment contract of at least one year, with a salary of at least AMD 150,000.

Target group
• High-tech companies
• Novice specialists in the field of high technologies

Additional information
• The project was implemented by 9 organizations.
• 90 interns were involved.
• After a 6-month probation period of internship, employment contracts were concluded with 66 interns.

• Website: https://edu.hti.am/
• E-mail: eduprojects@hti.am
• Tel.: +374 10 59 03 19

Important to know

  • 90 interns were involved in the project

  • The duration of the probation period is 6 months

  • With 66 out of 90 interns, employment contracts were concluded