On September 1, a meeting was held at the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the RA with 5 participants of the “iGorts” program of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, who will replenish the professional divisions of the Ministry.

Secretary General of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the RA Narek Melkumyan welcomed the young professionals of the Armenian Diaspora and wished them fruitful activities in their homeland.

“Sufficiently high standards were applied in the selection of participants, as a result of which professional and qualified specialists were selected. With their potential and knowledge, they bring a new work culture, which has a positive impact on the Armenian government system, while at the same time contributing to the repatriation of young people from the Diaspora,” said Narek Melkumyan.

Anna Mheryan, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, responsible for the “iGorts” program, introduced the participants of the program and noted that the unprecedented number of applications proves the success of the program, which has been implemented in effective cooperation with the agency for three years.

During the meeting, the participants of the “iGorts” program were introduced to the heads and employees of the relevant departments, got acquainted with the working conditions.
Young people from the Armenian diaspora, who arrived in Armenia from the USA, Russia and Germany will be involved in the activities of the High Technologies, Digitization, Programs, International Cooperation and Scientific and Technical Departments of the Ministry.

It should be noted that the “iGorts” program is being implemented for the fourth time. As part of the program, 150 specialists from the Armenian Diaspora have already been employed in various departments.