I congratulate all the students of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, professors, all those who contributed their knowledge and abilities to the development and prosperity of the mother university of technological education of Armenia.

Having only 2 faculties in the first years of its creation, the Polytechnic eventually became the largest higher educational institution in Armenia, one of the leading engineering universities in the Soviet Union.

Today, the Polytechnic University is working in line with the challenges of the time, introducing innovative, advanced approaches and technological solutions to education and science, while preserving, continuing and developing the scientific heritage and traditions of previous generations.

During the long-term activity, many generations have been educated here, making Armenia popular in the scientific and technological world thanks to their great potential, progressive mind, achievements and talent.
The Polytechnic University of Armenia today has an excellent material and technical base; highly qualified specialists work here. The education received at the Polytechnic has been in demand at all times, especially now. The 21st century is an era of technology. Technology is in all spheres of life; technology has become the driving force behind economic progress.

The Polytechnic has gone through a glorious path of formation and development, having trained more than one generation of competitive specialists. Even today, the mother university of technological education of Armenia, continuing the tradition, educates new generations of competitive specialists in this field who will bring new words, new color and ideas to the technological mind of Armenia.

I congratulate the leadership, staff, students of the Polytechnic on the occasion of the 90-year jubilee of the Polytechnic, I wish new professional successes and achievements in their extremely important activities.